Practice intelligently – practice with fun

It’s an undisputed fact:
making progress on a musical instrument requires practice.

And it’s a well-known fact:
If we do not enjoy practicing, we practice listlessly, less and gradually lose interest in the instrument.

And why is that?

  • We practice mechanically and unimaginatively, just like an uninspired teacher once taught us. And we don’t really know why we do it this way…
  • Or we learn a new piece, fight our way through, stumble again and again and get frustrated, because we should learn it somehow…
  • Or we make practice a joyless necessity.
  • Or maybe we just stopped practicing…

But practicing can be incredibly fun, and inevitably there is progress … I say!


Let’s bring intelligence and creativity into a playful practice style!

And how does this work?

Get in touch! I’m offering individual lessons as well as group sessions, titled
“Practice intelligently – Practice with fun”!


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